We recently purchased a new home and completed a full kitchen renovation using Jen Robinson as our designer. Everyone who walks through our door is wowed by how incredible the kitchen looks. Jen helped us select every detail with suggestions to suit our style and needs. She is extremely knowledgeable and guided us to investing in a high quality kitchen that we know we will love for years to come. We are so pleased with the final product and will be using Jen in the future for other projects through out the house. We would not hesitate to recommend Jen to anyone looking for an interior designer.

Pamela F

had saw the design that Jen had done for a friend recently. I was impressed!

We contracted Jen to do a layout for our unfinished basement. I had some experience with architectural drawing but admittedly don’t have the “creative touch” needed. There were many constraints due to existing HVAC, support columns and exterior door/windows. The layout consisted of 3 zones; a living area, spa bath and storage area. Based upon our criteria, Jen produced three initial layouts which made it very easy to review and decide what to incorporate for the final design. Once the layout was complete, she also provided elevation and lighting drawings to ensure that we could visualize how each area would look once complete.

She provided the “fresh unbiased perspective” that we were looking for. We did this all via internet and phone. Jen is very professional and I was impressed with her attention to detail. Great job!

Don M

Jen Robinson designed our kitchen and bathroom renovations. She made several trips to our home to discuss the plan made suggestions on the design form and function to meet our needs.
She was so helpful in getting quotes from suppliers, shopping for samples of tiles, flooring, lighting and counter tops. Jen worked well with us and the contractor to ensure the quality and get the results we were looking for. I have recommended Jen Robinson Design to family and friends.

Louise B

Jen is the ultimate juggler, she designed the washroom of our dreams, then proceeded to find suppliers, negotiate price and quality, find the proper trades people, and ensure that the installation was to our satisfaction. The trades appreciated the precision of drawings, making interpretation of plans easy and precise. She has the ability to problem solve, couldn’t be happier. Budget date and cost respected.

Micheline B

Jen worked with us to create a beautiful design for our bathroom. She was easy to work with and happily gave us guidance on the parts we wanted to pick, such as the fixtures and the layout. For the parts where we just wanted someone to narrow or make the choices, (tile and electrical) she made fantastic decisions.
More importantly than that, when we had problems with our contractors, Jen came over and mediated, helping to keep the contractors on track and on budget, while keeping us sane through the frequent delays.
She was a great pleasure to work with and the work she did was worth much more than she charged us. She will be our first choice when we design our next project.

Alec M

It was been such a pleasure to work with Jen Robinson when we underwent a complete renovation of an older home in the Golden Triangle in Ottawa. Her ideas were fantastic linking the old home feel with modern touches. She always went above and beyond for us in answering questions, exploring options, tweaking orders, delivering orders and meeting with us arm loaded with samples. We would highly recommended her expertise to everyone. Our completed renovation would not have gone so smoothly without her help.

Susan NY

Jen came to us via recommendations from a couple of previous clients of hers who we knew. We already had a general idea of what we wanted done to improve our ensuite bathroom and main bathroom. Jen took those ideas, improved on them and made them work … and look great! She provided drawings of three variations of the general idea from which we could choose. She found us contractors and suppliers and did most of the running around and negotiating for us – presenting us with choices for all of the various components. We had previously managed a couple of renovation projects ourselves, so we had an idea of the work and running around involved. Jen just took care of it for us! It made the whole project far less stressful and time-consuming for us. Along the way she dealt with the inevitable problems and issues that arise, making extra trips when needed to keep things moving and on schedule. She was always cheerful and very pleasant to work with and went beyond our expectations. We have already recommended her to friends and will do so again when the chance arises.

Gavin M