What I saw and LOVED at IDS 2020 Toronto

January 30, 2020

Inspiration from the Caesarstone Booth (@caesarstoneca + @jonathanadler)

I had the opportunity to attend the 2020 Interior Design Show in Toronto this past week.  It was so good to get out of the office and see what is happening in the world of design, what’s new for 2020 and what trends are holding strong.

It seems I am always drawn to the elements that make up a bathroom or kitchen before anything else!  This is probably because those are the types of projects I have worked on most throughout my career. It takes a lot to get away from what you know best!  Plumbing fixtures, countertops, tiles, lighting, it was no surprise that I gravitated to those booths first at the show.  I was instantly drawn into the HOUSE OF ROHL (@houseofrohl) booth.  They create beautiful faucets, shower fixtures and sinks for kitchens and bathrooms.  This year there were some new finishes that caught my eye.  I have always loved the classic finishes of Chrome and Brushed Nickel but the new Rose Gold finish had me drooling!  The finish is shown below on their Bellia widespread faucet displayed at the show.

I can’t wait to use it in a project, I hope I get the opportunity to do just that this year.  Thankfully mixing metals is a trend that isn’t going any where so it will be great fun to integrate the finish with other more standard finishes.  A great way to use this trend of mixing metal finishes is to mix finishes on the same faucet, HOUSE OF ROHL makes this possible on several faucet lines.  You can have the spout in one colour and the handles in another depending on the line.  They have done this beautifully with their MATTE BLACK and BRUSHED BRASS finishes.

There are so many ways to use the products from the HOUSE OF ROHL to make your project unique.

It has been said by many that accessories make an outfit, the same can be said for bathroom and kitchen renovations.  Often the faucets, cabinet handles and lighting selections make a standard room stand out and have personality.  These elements are essentially the “jewellery” of the room.  This is also a great place to splurge during your renovation.  I often suggest my clients stick with a standard cabinet design but add personality with the plumbing, hardware and lighting.  Adding a few of these details to your project can make it look custom without the custom price tag.

Another piece of renovation bling I was happy to see at the show were lots of new finishes and styles for cabinet handles.  Berenson (@berensonhardware) had a fabulous amount of new handle profiles and finishes at the show.  The best thing about Berenson for 2020 is the introduction of many new appliance pulls to go with some of their existing lines.  They have so many beautiful cabinet pulls and now they have full lines with the matching appliance pulls!

This may not seem like a big deal, but for a designer it opens up so many more doors (pun intended) for a more custom kitchen design.  When a client wants an integrated dishwasher, fridge and freezer the first thing we have to do when selecting the hardware is make sure the hardware supplier has an option that works with paneled appliances.  These pulls have to be larger and stronger in order to properly open the doors that are sealed for efficiency whether it be a fridge or a dishwasher.  A standard pull could break right out of the applied panel.

IDS 2020 also exhibited many wall and floor tile options.  There are so many different types of tile out there, porcelain, ceramic, natural stone, mosaics and the show displayed them all!  There were beautiful textured tiles in muted colours as well as intricate patterned tile cut into unique shapes.  I love the idea of using traditional tile and stone, like marble and terrazzo in modern and different shapes and patterns.  The Surfaces & Co. booth (@surfacesco.ca) had some incredible mosaic patterns on display.  I just had to touch them all!

Ceragres Tile (@ceragres) had some beautiful tile on display as well.  They never disappoint.  I love their tile for the quality, simplicity and on trend shapes and textures.  This year at the show they had a beautiful large format Terrazzo look tile as the flooring in the booth and their new Biscuit collection that features 6 different textured tiles all in a 2 x 8 format available in several different colours.

IMAGE CREDIT: Ceragres.ca

This collection allows the designer or homeowner to mix and match their favorite combination of textures and/ or colours to create a truly unique statement using a simple subway tile.  This is one of those tile shapes that I feel is going to be a lasting trend into this new decade.  There are just so many ways to lay the tile to give it a unique look.

Lighting also had a big presence at the show this year.  There were several booths that displayed unique LED strip lighting options in the form of pendants.  There was a beautiful Hexagon shape with a wood exterior and diffused LED strip interior.  These were created in a variety of sizes and appeared to be customizable if desired.

The Lightmaker Studio (@lightmakerstudio) had some beautiful pendant options as well but the sconces were what drew me to their booth.  The mid-century modern feel to the fixtures gets me every time!

This studio is based in Toronto and creates original handcrafted fixtures.  I love that the fixtures can be customized with your choice of glass.  Some options are frosted, opaque white, smoked glass or clear depending on the fixture you select.  The fixtures are simple and stunning!

My visit to Toronto for the 2020 Interior Design Show left me thoroughly inspired to jump right into my new design projects this year.  I fully intend to integrate some of these amazing products I saw at the show into my projects.  I love that a lot of them are designed and built in Canada which I feel is so important for the future of our planet but also important to support and encourage local talent.  I wish all of you the best of luck with your renovation and design plans in 2020, I hope to have inspired you a bit and lit a spark beneath you to JUST GET STARTED! Cheers to a great 2020 with lots of inspiration and beautiful design.


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